Let’s fix the patent system to make it fair for inventors.

Introduction to the Inventor Rights Act of 2019, otherwise known as HR-5478. Learn how this bill will protect inventor rights.

My goal is to help inventors protect themselves and flourish. I want America and the world to benefit by affording all inventors the opportunity to develop and turn their ideas into working solutions. However we must act now.  We have to fix the current laws

Simply put, I want to help other inventors succeed in protecting their patents, and in doing so, keep the American dream alive.  My patented solution to the 63 year-old problem of filling and tying water balloons, Bunch O Balloons, instantly became the number one selling spring/summer toy and won Toy of the Year in 2018. It was just as quickly knocked-off resulting in a patent litigation now totaling 6 patents, 5 patent suits, 5 PTAB petitions/trials, 4 preliminary injunctions, and 8 appeals at the Federal Circuit. 

I volunteer full-time and donate a significant amount of my finances to help restore inventor rights. Recently I moved my family to Washington D.C. to be closer to lawmakers so I can help make inventors’ voices heard.

Let’s face it, the vast majority of inventors have no idea that patent trolls can get away with stealing their invention by paying a fee for the USPTO to cancel their previously approved and granted patents. 95% of inventors I speak with have no idea this is practice is happening. To be fair, I too had no idea when I first received my patent that the government would turn around and take it back while costing me over a million dollars of legal fees in the process.

Josh Malone and the Malone family.

Please join our voice.  Together we can get Congress to implement legislation to address the critical issues faced by inventors.

Thank you for your support,

Josh Malone – The Balloon Guy & Inventor Advocate.


When I invented the “Toy of the Year”, I hoped the invention would bring financial security to my family. But instead, my unique idea was stolen before I could make my first dime.  Thrust into a battle to save my invention, I uncovered the shocking truth that property rights are at risk and American innovation is dying!

Watch the trailer for “Invalidated”, an award-winning documentary outlining the the shocking reality of the weakening of the US Patent system. Sadly the US Patent System is invalidating property rights, and with it, the incentive to create. Money and inventions are now going to other countries, and with them go jobs and a strong economy.


Lawyers and big corporations are manipulating and corrupting our legal system. They have a figured out a way to lobby their friendly politicians in the previous and current administrations to destroy the Constitution by removing the balance of power, judicial independence, due process, and trial by jury.

  • BEWARE INVENTORSthe AVERAGE cost to defend your patents from post-grant attacks at the USPTO is $450,000.

  • COST OF WINNINGIf you want the slim 16% chance of winning the Patent Appeal at PTAB (Patent Trial & Appeal Board), the budget is closer to $750,000.

  • IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY It is very important to educate inventors, entrepreneurs, and students that patents in the United States are only as valuable as the money you invest to protect them.  The wealthy elite use the patent system to their advantage, often bankrupting the true inventor via the Patent and Trial Appeal Board.  Knowledge is power.

Data above is taken from the latest report from the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA). Are you concerned about how much your patent may cost you in the long run? We highly recommend that you read this website and take action.


Our mission is to lobby for inventor rights and inspire the next generation of inventors, lawyers, judges, patent examiners, and IP professionals. We want to empower inventors with knowledge to protect themselves while pushing for legislation to protect their patent rights. We aim to make invention theft a criminal act to deter ‘bad guys’ from performing what is known as ‘efficient infringement’ to steal an invention.

We believe that it’s really important for inventors to participate in getting their voices heard. Ask yourself these questions: Do you think the USPTO should be revoking your patents to help big corporations? Do you think judges should tell inventors who gets to use our patented inventions? Do you think infringers should be allowed to profit from stealing inventions? Many people in the industry say “yes” to all these questions, however a true inventor would say “no” to all of them. Are you the true US Inventor or simply a wantrepreneur? We need US Inventors to show up in numbers, at as many events as possible to make our collective voices heard… and tell them,  “No more!”

Inventors are totally blindsided when our patents are challenged at the PTAB. We are not sophisticated litigators. We have no representation. With 90 days to prepare a defense, we scramble to find someone to represent us. We have no idea that an effective defense costs $750,000. So we hire some patent attorney who participated in a reexamination in the distant past. We trust the USPTO, and have no reason to believe they would invalidate our patent – because it wasn’t obvious. We don’t understand the next 90 days requires an all-out litigation with motions, discovery, depositions, subpoenas, prior art analysis, evidence gathering, expert search and training, protective orders, adjunct litigation in district court. We don’t know that the PTAB is trained to use word games to justify revoking our patents. We don’t know that media and lobbying is essential. It is like pitting a high school football team against the NFL.  Why is the USPTO still abusing inventors by hauling us into the PTAB where we have no representation? I have experienced this first-hand and am committed to helping inventors, by educating them about the pitfalls, and lobbying the government to help inventors by pushing for inventor rights.

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