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Selected Documents IPR2017-00315-FWD IPR2017-00315-Transcript IPR2017-00317-FWD IPR2017-00317-Transcript IPR2017-00318-FWD IPR2017-00318-Transcript IPR2017-00319-FWD IPR2017-00319-Transcript IPR2017-00321-FWD IPR2017-00321-Transcript APJ Brian McNamara 51 of 56 (90%) of decisions held some claims invalid 39 of 42 (93%) of patents held some claims invalid Patent Determination Case Parties Date 5361201 Unpatentable/Cancelled IPR2013-00212 INTERTHINX, INC. v. CoreLogic Soluti 1/30/2014 Unpatentable/Cancelled CBM2012-00007 REDFIN CORPORATION v. Corelogic Solu 3/16/2015 5960032 Unpatentable/Cancelled IPR2013-00004 Ericsson Inc. v. Intellectual Ventur 12/13/2017 5963557 Unpatentable/Cancelled IPR2013-00007 Ericsson Inc. v. Intellectual Ventur 3/17/2016 5965924 Unpatentable/Cancelled IPR2013-00256 Intel Corporation v. DSS Technology 6/1/2017 Unpatentable/Cancelled IPR2013-00257 Intel Corporation v. DSS Technology 6/1/2017 5987500 Unpatentable/Cancelled IPR2013-00093 SAP America, Inc. v. ARUNACHALAM, LA [...]

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