This message is intended for eligible voters in Plano, Allen, McKinney, Frisco and surrounding areas. If you don’t know anyone there, please disregard. If you don’t wish to receive further correspondence related to our effort to restore justice for inventors, feel free to unsubscribe.

If you are persuaded that this is a significant opportunity, please forward this to 10 people (or more). That is our only hope of beating the $2M campaign run by DC insiders. You can share by Email, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

I previously described our family’s battle against the billion-dollar corporation that stole my invention and their support from big tech lobbyists who captured control of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Along the way I met hundreds of small business owners who have been devastated by the corruption and legal mayhem. I discovered how this is yet another part of our society that has been deliberately unraveled. Please review my article Vote Against Van Taylor on March 1st for important background information.

Between now and Tuesday we have an opportunity to shock the political establishment by returning power to the people in the 3rd Congressional District of Texas.

Van Taylor and his friends in DC have spent over $2 MILLION DOLLARS attempting to cajole primary voters to send him back for another term. He even called in help this week from Super PACs funded by the Koch Brothers, Republican Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and other special interests. They are flooding the air waves and mailboxes to gain an unfair advantage over the more worthy candidates to represent us.

Despite this unprecedented primary spend, the latest polling shows that Van Taylor is projected to get 50-55% of the Republican primary vote. But…pollsters cannot measure new or irregular primary voters – many of you and your friends. That is his weakness and our opportunity. We need 2,000 citizens from Plano, Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Greenville, and surrounding areas to show up and vote against Van Taylor. This is a rare opportunity and it is achievable.

Please do your research and vote for one of the other candidates. Keith Self and Suzanne Harp are the leading contenders. Go to their websites and choose. If you will share this with 10 other people I will get you on a call with their campaign manager. If you share with 50 people I will get you on a call with the candidates themselves. Whatever you do, go and vote to make this a reality.

Thank you for getting involved!