Rally to Support Emmy Recipients & Inventors Put on Trial by USPTO


Glen Sanders is my friend. He and co-inventor Howard Stark are being put on trial by the USPTO which alleges that they did not invent the digital wireless transmitting/recording microphone technology for which they won Emmy and Academy awards. Their public trial is being held an annual convention of patent attorneys at the Gaylord National Harbor.


Since the 2011 America Invents Act, thousands of inventors have been stripped of their patent rights by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB), the tribunal within the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Shockingly, the USPTO continues to work with big corporations who use the PTAB as a weapon enabling them steal inventions and revoke the patent rights of the true inventor.


On Friday October 25, inventors Glen Sanders and Howard Stark go on trial before the PTAB in a Gladiator style spectacle. The USPTO is partnering with the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) to hold a public trial in front of the 1,000+ lawyers and bureaucrats, and representatives of the public-private partnership that created and profits massively from perpetual attacks on the patent rights of inventors.

Glen Sanders, the inventor, founder and president of Zaxcom; the company which lawfully manufactures his patented invention, is expected to be the only inventor in the packed auditorium. The AIPLA has declined our offer to participate in the conference on behalf of inventors. Previous PTAB trials were unjust and devoid of due process. This process is a death match and should not be treated as a spectacle, but a learning tool for both lawyers and inventors to come together to protect the patent system. Lets not make this the ‘Hunger Games’ for inventors nor the ‘wheel of fortune’ for infringers.

In this case, Glen and Howard have been indicted by the Patent Trial Appeals Board of the charge of falsely claiming to have invented the Zaxcom ‘Digital Recording Wireless transmitter’. We know for a fact that Glen and Howard invented a device that never existed before and it was so innovative that they received both an Emmy and an Academy Award for it in 2016. Despite this industry wide acclaim for their innovation, the USPTO, represented by the Chief “Judge” of the PTAB claims it was ‘obvious’ and is now threatening to cancel their patent after 10+ years of being issued.  In this action, the USPTO is undermining the integrity of the entire patent system. Inventors are forced to expend hundreds of thousands of dollars mounting a legal defense, in hopes of keeping a patent granted after careful examination and scrutiny by the Patent office years ago. More background on this issue can be viewed at IP Watchdog.


Please join us in showing solidarity for Glen, Howard, and the thousands of inventors that have been victimized by this unjust Patent and Trial Appeal Board process. Inventors deserve respect for challenging status quo and changing the world around us; not humiliation, ridicule, and unjust attacks to our patents or small businesses.

We must unite on October 25th, 2019

  • Date and Time

    Fri, October 25, 2019

    11:00 AM – 1:00 PM EDT

  • Location

    Gaylord National Harbor

    201 Waterfront Street

    National Harbor, MD 20745


Zaxcom honored by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Pompton Plains, NJ, February 2, 2017 — Zaxcom, known for creating innovative audio technology, today announced it has been honored by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with an Technical Achievement Award during the 89th Scientific and Technical Awards for its design and engineering of the Zaxcom Digital Recording Wireless Microphone System.

As part of the prestigious Academy Awards® season, the Sci-Tech Awards were first presented in 1931 to honor the men, women and companies whose discoveries and innovations have contributed in significant and lasting ways in the motion picture industry. Technical Achievement Awards are given annually with this year’s ceremonies hosted by John Cho and Leslie Mann.

Zaxcom was recognized in advancing the state of wireless microphone technology by creating a fully digital modulation system with a rich feature set which includes local recording capability within the belt pack and a wireless control scheme providing real-time transmitter control and time-code distribution.

Glenn Sanders, President of Zaxcom, and Chief Engineer Howard Stark were both present to receive the acknowledgment.

“It’s truly an honor,” says Sanders. “The holy grail of wireless microphone technology is for the audio quality to be identical to that of a hardline system. We knew if we made incremental improvements to analog audio it would only be a band aid solution to wireless transmissions. With our Digital Recording Wireless, we are the first to achieve performance equivalent to a hardline system.”

Zaxcom’s Digital Recording Wireless includes a variety of wireless receivers and transmitters for today’s audio professional. Built from the ground, wireless transmitters including the ZMT3, TRX743 and TRXLA3, feature fully encrypted 100% digital modulation.

Additionally, a built-in recorder with timecode allows audio to be recorded directly to a removable microSD card as a backup or when radio frequency (RF) or distance issues emerge. All files are recorded using the lossless MARF format and features like NeverClip™ provide full-range microphone audio capture of 126 dB. Transmitters also come equipped with ZaxNet, a wireless remote control system allowing you to control pre-amp gain, transmitter output power and record/stop functions.

Zaxcom previously was honored with a Scientific and Engineering Award in 2002 for its concept, design and engineering of the portable Deva recorder/mixer. The innovative design employed advanced hard disk recording technology and digital audio techniques for use in both production and post-production recording applications.

About The Academy
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is a global community of more than 7,000 of the most accomplished artists, filmmakers and executives working in film. In addition to celebrating and recognizing excellence in filmmaking through the Oscars, the Academy supports a wide range of initiatives to promote the art and science of the movies, including public programming, educational outreach and the upcoming Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, which is under construction in Los Angeles.

About Zaxcom, Inc.
Since 1986 Zaxcom, Inc. has been creating innovative audio technology for the feature film, television broadcast, live performance and post-production industries. With a focus on high quality audio products in multi-track recording, mixing and digital wireless, Zaxcom is proud to be honored with technical achievements from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Television Academy and Cinema Audio Society. Zaxcom operates its production facilities Pompton Plains, NJ and continues to set the standard for sound professionals worldwide. For more information, visit www.zaxcom.com.

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