Vote March 1st


This message is intended for eligible voters in Plano, Allen, McKinney, Frisco and surrounding areas. If you don’t know anyone there, please disregard. If you don’t wish to receive further correspondence related to our effort to restore justice for inventors, feel free to unsubscribe. If you are persuaded that this is a significant opportunity, please forward this to 10 people (or more). That is our only hope of beating the $2M campaign run by DC insiders. You can share by Email, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. I previously described our family’s battle against the billion-dollar corporation that stole my invention [...]

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Vote Against Van Taylor on March 1


Friends and fellow citizens – please help us in our fight for inventors by VOTING AGAINST the incumbent Van Taylor in the Republican primary. Early voting is now through February 25th. Election day is March 1st. Take a Republican ballot (even if you vote Democrat in November). Vote for Keith Self, Jeremy D. Ivanovskis, Rickey Williams, OR Suzanne Harp (do not vote for more than one!). If you are not sure who to vote for – Keith Self is the proven conservative; Susanne Harp is the grassroots firebrand. Jeremy Ivanovskis is the dark horse. Rickey Williams is the dutiful citizen. [...]

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Carr & Ferrell Patents Invalidated


In a January 19, 2021 Forbes article inventor "coach" Stephen Key teams up with patent attorney John Ferrell to advise inventors on how to obtain a patent that will survive the PTAB. The problem is the author knows nothing about the PTAB and his source has failed in 7 out of 7 challenges to his patents at the PTAB. I am calling on Forbes to retract this article or provide reliable information about the PTAB for inventors. Here are the invalid patents that were filed by John Ferrell and/or his firm Carr & Farrell. 6354479 Unpatentable/Cancelled Toshiba Memory Corporation et al [...]

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