Josh Malone, Philanthropist and Inventor Advocate Meets Face-to-Face with Elected Officials in DC

Josh Malone is looking to create awareness about the newly introduced Inventor Rights Act. Malone believes that one the most effective ways of getting the right messages to members of congress, is by direct communication, thereby explaining in-person why inventors need IP protection.

Josh Malone and Fred Ruckel Meet With Congressman Antonio Delgado.

On Wednesday 15th January, 2020 Josh Malone accompanied inventor Fred Ruckel (from the NY19 district) to meet with his representatives, in Washington DC, to present the newly introduced bill H.R. 5478

Malone and Ruckel highlighted the need for the newly introduced bill. They outlined why it was essential to help protect inventor rights and what the protections of the bill, if made law, would offer inventors. Under current law, inventors usually only receive a “reasonable royalty”, while even a willful infringer gets to keep most of their profits from using the invention without permission. This bill disgorges all of the profits from willful infringers who knew or should have known of their violation of a patent owned by the original inventor. This remedy is consistent with other forms of intellectual property including design patents, copyrights, and trademarks.

Time was also taken to talk to Mr. Delgado about the impending hearing for the SUCCESS Act. This act addresses the important issue of innovation equality, seeking to increase participation in the patent system by underrepresented individuals.

Mr. Delgado (a member of the House Committee on Small Business) was interested to learn about the difficulty with enforcing patents, risk of PTAB invalidations, and efficient infringement, as obstacles to participating in the patent system for women, minority, and veteran inventors. Mr. Delago attended a hearing at the House of Representatives, relating to this issue, immediately after meeting Malone and Ruckel.

Hearing at the House of Representatives for the SUCCESS Act.

Malone and Ruckel also met other members of Congress staffers to both discuss and create awareness about H.R 5478. Mr. Malone and Mr. Ruckel are grateful to all the representatives and their staff for taking the time to meet and discuss the issues faced by inventors.

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Walking the long corridors in DC to meet with representatives.